Thursday, January 12, 2006

Your Host George Torok

Your Host George Torok

Who is George Torok?

A: Creator and host of Business in Motion

What are his qualifcations to host this show?

A: He worked in corporate management for over two decades, in several sectors of business - he understands business and he has lived different perspectives.

As a professional speaker, he developed his skills as a communicator. Which means that he asks good questions - then listens.

Why now?

A: George Torok left the corporate world to launch his own business. He took what he learned in corporate life and used the best lessons in developing his own business.

What are his key skills?

A: George Torok asks good questions; listens well and simplifies. And he likes to have fun.

Why the title, "Business in Motion"?

A: Because business is in motion. So much is changing that some people might be frightened.
It is important that listeners hear and understand that change is mandatory. By listening to Business in Motion you might discover life-saving ideas that you can use.

George Torok
Radio Show Host
Business in Motion

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