Monday, February 20, 2006

Interview with the Justice League Super Heroes

I have interviewed over 400 business leaders. Imagine if I interviewed the Justice League to ask them about their advice to entrepreneurs.

Mock Interview at Justice League Headquarters – on the moon


“There is only one Superman. That’s me. So don’t try to be me – you are not super. You are not from planet Krypton. Be realistic. Recognize your strengths and especially your weaknesses. Play to your strengths. Delegate your weaknesses.”

“I have no super powers so I have to work harder than the rest. I keep them off balance with my stealth. I think harder and train harder than my competition. They are afraid of me because they think it comes easy. They have no idea and I don’t let them know how insecure I really feel. Acknowledge your fears – you don’t need to let others know. Work harder than the rest.”

“PS: Bats used to scare me.”


“Move faster than the rest.”

Wonder Woman

“The rest of the team expects me to pull my own weight so I do. I am strong but not as strong as Superman. I am not invulnerable like him – I have a pair of bracelets to protect myself. And the magic lasso. That’s it. But it is enough to give me an edge and I use that edge. Find your edge and flaunt it.”

“I hate these interviews. I hate being away from my underwater kingdom. I am not a team player. I am a king. I really am a fish out of water. But this is where I can do the most good. So I make the trip. I make the sacrifice because I believe in the big picture goal. I look forward to getting back home. If you can’t fly – swim.”

Martian Manhunter

“My friend Kermit the frog said, “It isn’t easy being green.” Well I am green. Even though I have been here on planet earth for many years – people still don’t fully accept me. I spend a lot of time studying people and how they think. I find that even though I have all the powers of Superman and then some – I still don’t get the same respect as he. I accept that. He is my friend and I respect him. My advice? Sometimes no matter what you do you still don’t fit in. Your job is not to fit in. It is to do the right thing. Be who you are and be proud of it. And hang around the people that make you look good.”

George Torok

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