Radio Interviews on Business in Motion
As host of the weekly radio show, Business In Motion, I have interviewed over 500 business and community leaders. Interviewing leaders and listening to good interviews is a fast way to learn powerful lessons about success and failure. Enjoy the interviews featured on this page. It includes both print and audio interviews that I have conducted. I also posted some others interviews that fascinated me.

George Torok 
Host of Business in Motion

Interview with Batman

So what if you could interview anyone - real or fictional. Who might you interview and what would you ask? Anne Rice had already covered Interview the Vampire. So I picked another fictional character. Enjoy this interview with the Batman.

The mystery of mastery

The search for mastery starts by recognizing that there are masters and levels of mastery in every field. The Blue Man Group, Tom Weir, Pierre Berton, Timothy Eaton, Yoda, The Beatles, Peter Mansbridge, Bruce Lee, Jim Carey, Shania Twain, Wayne Gretzky, Albert Einstein, Terry Fox.

Not all masters are so famous. Can you identify the masters in your field? What can you learn from them? And how can you use their examples to pursue mastery?

We should all explore our own questions about mastery, even if we end up with more questions than answers – as I did when I interviewed some of the people that I consider masters in my field. (Yoda did not return my calls.) Enjoy these results of my exploration as I interviewed the masters of professional speaking in Canada.

Read what the speaking masters said about mastery.

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