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BIM Corporation

BIM Corporation

Who is BIM Corporation?

There appears to be a company called BIM Corporation. And BIM stands for Business in Motion. It seems to be a network marketing company. What products it sells seems unclear, at least to me.

I (George Torok) am not associated in any way with BIM Corporation. At this time I have had not had contact with anyone from BIM Corporation (at least that I know of). I do not endorse BIM Corporation - nor do I have anything good or bad to say about them at this time.

Click below to read what CBC's Marketplace says:

More about Alan Kippax and BIM Corporation

Buying into the pitch to become rich

And here is the link to the BIM Corporation website

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Anonymous said...

I was a member to bim corporation, I wait for 1 yr to get my money back seem I got scam here. this is not good

Anonymous said...

Comment to anonymous: If you lost or think you lost anything in BIM it was because you didn't understand what you were doing or you didn't put the time a effort into your business like everyone else does. For the right people this can make dreams come true!!!!

Anonymous said...

Buisiness in Motion International Corporation is run by Alan Kippax and it is a scam. Why they are still allowed to be in business beats me. But I have taken them to court for not even sending me a product I ordered. I know I was niave when I joined. Please people look check them out they are a scam said...

December 2009- I finally gave in and attended a BIM meeting. I arrived late, and the hotel meeting room was locked. We had to knock to be let in. I have been involved in MLMs before and the first thing I would look for is what products are being sold.IE, can I retail/sell these products. At this meeting there was not products displayed.
No one makes any money on the "products/travel kit". The idea is to "recruit" others so that the person at the top gets paid out. Almost 50% of the money from the new 8 people "recruited" goes to the person at the top.
For the new person to move to the top and get paid out 32 new people have to be "recruited" directly under you. That's $ 102,400 of new money has to come in under you, for you to get paid out.
The successful individuals paraded included a cancer survivor who was saved by BIM.
At this meeting one of the "successful" individuals showed off his gem collection. Turned out the green gems came in the same box as another "Plan" called Treasure Traders International. A similar version was shut down in the UK.
The claim is that the products - vacations and gems are bought for 10% of their true value.
I received a vacation coupon. I called to see if I could book a vacation. No one answers the phone, and on one returns calls.
So why meetings if no product training/information is exchanged?
You need to stick with the group and be positive so that more unsuspecting "recruits" will join,until you get paid out.
The ethical question is, do you care if the people you bring in ever get paid out??

Greater Calgary Mentoring Center said...

I am a distributor of BIM and I have made money and so has my mother and my grandmother. Actually as long as you keep trying you never lose a dime in BIM but if you quit, you only walk away with the product that you paid for. Not a bad deal really, unless you were lazy and expected to get something for nothing. That would not be a real opportunity of any kind. There is a blog of many distributors who have made a lot of money and there is a whole other side to that Marketplace story. They are actually quite famous as a television tabloid for destroying legitimate business opportunities. Just ask anyone in Manatech, Free Life Goji or a number of other business ventures.

Anonymous said...

It is mostly the angry that leave comments so I thought I would leave one from the other side. I have been a BIM distributor for some time now. I have made money. My mom has made money. And my grandmother is in too and she loves this business. I bought a great product that I am happy with and I have the opportunity to make money as well. I can also share that opportunity with others and as adults they make up their own mind. It is a win, win situation.

Every networking company has people who think they were ripped off. Sometimes they were, but mostly they just got into something and then they used the kit they bought to hold the bedroom door open and they did not do anything. BIM requires work effort. If you do the work, you make money. If you get negative and ugly and listen to everything that is said about the company in the internet (which is said about most MLMs) you will fail. Then you get mad and blame BIM for your failure. But the fact is, you did not invite more than a handful of people to see the presentation and you did not do the work.

BIM has helped a lot of people. I am a single mom who never had the money to ever take her kids on a vacation and now I do. I have helped others who I really care about. Some are elderly people who could not make it in their life. The ones who worked got paid. Those who did not, actually could still get paid if they started doing something. You can't even lose your money in this if you come back and try. And you did buy a product which you still have. So why be so ugly? Just get to work.

There is a whole other side to the Marketplace story. Do you want to hear it? Or have you already made up your mind without hearing from the defendant?

Go to and click the link "Marketplace" and here the other side before you declare it all a scam.

Anonymous said...

Cool, finally someone is saying the good stuff about BIM. It is about time...

Anonymous said...

I have been contacted on may occassions by an associate regarding BIM. They have wanted me to check out the presentation before making a decision. Months have passed and I am finally ready to give it a chance by reviewing what it has to offer me, and I it. I am going in open minded, but not naive. I have done some research and know of the losing effects of a pyramid scam. Most of the information I have reviewed about BIM has been vague at best..seems the only way to get to the guts of the operation, is to go to the presentation. IF it is a true opportunity, I will give it my all, IF not, shame on them for wasting my time and bashing my open mind. Stay Tuned!!! Signed: Nothing to Lose...vlm.

The Insider said...

Wednesday March 24, 2010
Re: Operations on hold for Regrouping and Restructuring
Dear Distributors,
Indeed, having to write this very difficult letter is truly the most unfortunate moment in BIM’s
history. On Sunday March 21, 2010 our Global Sales Director held a very important conference
call open to any Distributor interested in knowing about their BIM business. We sincerely thank
all the Distributors (300 to 400+) that took the time to join the call.
The purpose of the call was to announce that, due to drastically plummeting sales, we have
reached the decision that Business In Motion International Corporation will be on hold for
regrouping and restructuring for an indefinite period of time. Effective Monday March 22, 2010,
we are no longer conducting business as usual.
Over the next two weeks, until Friday April 9, 2010 we will be available to liquidate up to half of
all current products in stock at a reduced cost. Our aim is to provide Distributors with an
opportunity to purchase new products at unbeatable prices! More information in this regard will
be sent via a separate e-mail.
Effective immediately all further correspondence will be conducted by online support tickets and
e-mail at only. Please be advised phone calls will not be
We are very saddened that it has reached this point; however, please understand that BIM and
Alan Kippax worked diligently over the past months to sustain this business for you, our valued
Distributors. Unfortunately, we have exhausted all business and personal resources. It is our
furthest hope that one day; we would be able to continue operations again.
We would like to sincerely thank all of our Distributors for their business and involvement and
particularly those who continued working to the last minute. You were not only our Distributors;
you were our “BIM Family”! Your dedication, support and friendship will forever be
We wish you all the best with your future endeavors!
Business In Motion International Corporation

Anonymous said...

On May 4, 2010, a proposed class action has been commenced in Federal Court against Business in Motion International Corporation, Alan Kippax and Ashif Mohamed. The claim is brought on behalf of a proposed class of persons resident in Canada who have purchased a “Perpetual Motion Product” from BIM Corporation. More information about this lawsuit can be found at . If you would like to be included in the database of potential claimants, please email Ulla Herlev at As this claim is now before the Court, if you have any questions you should also direct those to Ms. Herlev.

Please pass this information on to anyone else who may be interested.