Friday, May 26, 2006

Interview with Batman

Imagine if you could ask the Batman a few questions. What could you learn from him about how to run your business? And how is the Batman like an entrepreneur?

GT: Why the Bat theme?
BM: I want to frighten my enemies. And bats frightened me as a child.

GT: Why do you want to frighten people?
BM: Because it gives me an edge. I am not as powerful as some of my enemies. I am not as powerful as most of my colleagues. So I need an edge. I chose to be frightening.

GT: What scares you?
BM: Not being ready for my enemies.

GT: Do you feel intimidated by your more powerful colleagues?
BM: Yes – but I never let them know.

GT: How many hours do you work a week?
BM: How many hours are there in a week?

GT: What drives you?
BM: The vision to accomplish my goals.

GT: You appear to be a loner. Why do you work with the Justice League?
BM: Because associating with powerful people makes you more powerful.

George Torok
Business in Motion


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