Monday, January 28, 2008

Creative Thinking Expert Interview: Robert Alan Black

Creative Thinking Expert Interview with Robert Alan Black

Robert Alan Black is one of the most creative persons I know. He teaches creativity and creative problem solving to individuals, corporations and associations around the world. I first met him years ago at the Creative Problem Solving Institute. I was impressed by what he taught me and we have stayed in touch and we continue to cross paths. Following is the first part of an interview with creativity guru, Robert Alan Black.

I think that you will enjoy his story.

Who is Robert Alan Black?

Alan is an international creative thinking consultant who focuses on the of Cre8ng and Creative Thinking throughout entire organizations from the front or back doors to the executive floor. His passion is in expanding and enriching the natural creativity in people in their workplaces.

What makes you so creative?

Primarily my childhood environment with parents who were open to letting me experiment and explore with tremendous freedom.

Add to that a group of elementary school teachers who encouraged directly or gave me tremendous freedom. My greatest and clearest memories from elementary school were that I spend very little time in my actual classrooms. I was in the library on my own simply reading. Off to Wayne State University often for speech lessons and hearing tests.

I was born with a very serious cleft palette and cleft/hare lip. One of the family stories and jokes was that I had spent so much time at WSU that I had graduated from college before I turned 6.
Add to these factors my elementary school, 1st thru 8th grade, art teacher, Mrs. Johnson who let me work on many projects of my own choosing while all the other children were doing the daily exercises. I did hallway art. I did art for the gymnasium, the auditorium, etc. She also had architectural renderings done by her brother hanging in our art room that first got me interested in becoming an architect.

By the 6th grade I was designing elevations and floor plans of homes at night much of the time when I wasn't making up television quiz shows and questions or writing Alfred Hitchcock/O'Henry style mystery stories

Robert Alan Black

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