Friday, January 18, 2008

True North - book review

True North
Discover your Authentic Leadership

Enjoy this book review by Ian Cook

True North
Reviewed by Ian Cook

In my letter that introduced the last book I reviewed, A Leader's Legacy, I said that defining "leadership" is like trying to define "art." We just can't agree on what it is.

Bill George, the author of True North, says this is because leaders are very complex individuals who are shaped, above all, by their "stories" (in life). This is a remarkable book that places superior leadership in the context of having a defining purpose, a "true north," that both focuses you and enrolls those around you in the goal.

The more I work with senior leaders and follow the related research, the more convinced I become that the key to their success is their authenticity and the clarity of their purpose.
True North invites you to ask yourself, as a manager, "What do I stand for in my work that is beyond my self-interest?" The author has some ideas to help you move from being just another manager to being the best boss your staff has ever had.

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