Wednesday, February 08, 2006

How do Entrepreneurs make Critical Decisions?

Entrepreneurs are not necessarily logical creatures. At least they might not appear that way to others. To them it all makes perfect sense.

So how do entrepreneurs make critical decisions?

Often it is based on their instinct or Gutfeeling. Peter Urs Bender talks about this in his book ‘Gutfeeling’.

Sometimes it is a tightening in the stomach that says no. Or maybe it is a certain internal voice that whispers “yes”. An unexplained image that shouts charge ahead. A shiver that warns, “Don’t trust this person”. A dream that opens a new door.

We are not logical beings although we pretend to be. Entrepreneurs seem to be more willing to tap into the non-logic side more than others.

I remember the moment I created my radio show. I was sitting in a radio studio waiting to be interviewed. I had a few minutes so I looked around the studio. At that moment the little voice in my head said, “I could do this. I could host my own radio show.”

I had no experience, contacts or plan. I just knew that I would make it happen.

My radio show has been successfully running for nine years – all because of that little voice. Listen to your Gutfeeling.

George TorokRadio show host
Business in Motion

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