Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday to Business in Motion

10 Years old!

Have you ever missed a friend’s birthday? That is understandable. Who can keep track of every friend’s birthday? And have you ever forgotten how old you are?

I am guilty of both. And in this case the friend is my weekly radio show. I missed the 10th anniversary of Business in Motion. I thought “we” were nine.

Business in Motion has been broadcasting for over 10 years, since September 1995. Happy Tenth Anniversary! We are 10.

As readers of this blog you are the first to know. If you read the first post on this blog you would have read the start date as Sep 1996. It even stated that on the Business in Motion website. Must correct that!

And to think of the party I had planned. It’s not going to be a surprise now.

So now the marketing challenge is how do I celebrate the achievement of 10 years running? Any successful business or program running 10 years is a significant achievement.

I will get back to you on that (after I kick myself for miscounting).

George Torok
Host of the 10-year-old radio show
Business in Motion

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