Friday, March 31, 2006

Train your Team in Las Vegas

Take your business team to Vegas. Enjoy a fabulous vacation and learn invaluable business lessons.

If you believe in learning from the best – then Las Vegas is the best for marketing, selling and customer service. This could be the best training program you have ever experienced.

Give each team member $100 and let them go. Tell them that they can spend it anyway they want. They agree to report what they did, the results and what they learned. And most importantly they must explain how that lesson or lessons can be used to develop your business. They must teach this lesson to the rest of your team.

Don’t just give them $100 for nothing. If they want to play they must ante up. They must each put $100 in the pot. After everyone has presented their learning points – the pot goes to the one with the best lesson(s). Depending on your circumstances you might decide to split the pot. Tell them how the best will be chosen. State the rules upfront and then play by your own rules. (Oops, I just gave away one of the lessons.)

Some tips for you
Notice how things are done. Think about why they do it that way. Uncover principles, techniques and style.

Go ahead – your deal.

George Torok

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