Monday, April 24, 2006

TEC - The Executive Committee

Once you become the CEO you stop hearing the truth.

Or another way to put it, nobody wants to tell the boss that his fly is open.

A few of you might consider that last statement sexist – but the boss is still more often a man and the analogy is the point.

So what does the CEO do to get the truth - especially the bitter truth?

You could go to a therapist, hire a high priced consultant or join an organization such as TEC – The Executive Committee.

I have worked with a few dozen TEC groups across the country and I have been impressed by the TEC members and the TEC model.

The TEC members are CEO’s of medium sized businesses, are life-long learners, are eager to grow; are willing to open up to the right people, and want to enjoy life more.

If you need all this but don’t want it – you are not a prospect for TEC. You must want it because you will need to invest your time and money.

The money, which might seem a lot at first, is actually the least important element. It is the time and personal exposure that is the toughest commitment.

TEC groups meet one full day a month. Plus you meet with your TEC chair for two hours each month.

But the tough part is telling other CEO’s about your quandaries, mistakes and inner doubts.

That has got to be the toughest thing for a CEO who tries to project a leader’s image every hour of every day.

Letting your hair down with other CEO’s has got to be both disturbing and gratifying.

Oh, there is more to TEC than this. You can learn more at the TEC website or by attending one of the TEC special events.

George Torok
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The Executive Committee

TEC presents special presentations in Halifax with George Torok on Power Marketing

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