Friday, April 07, 2006

What’s Happening on my Marketing Blog

If you haven’t looked at my marketing blog lately, here are some recent posts that might interest you.

Night Light Marketing
Nightlight Marketing
I woke up the other night – not so unusual. But this time I noticed how bright the hallway looked.

Barketing Defined
A few posts ago on this blog I introduced the term “Barketing”. Since then some of you have expressed an interest in that term and asked for further clarification.

Benefits vs. Features
What are you marketing? Benefits or Features? The question sounds simple. The answer is not so simple.You probably know the difference between benefits and features. If you are selling a car the feature might be that it is available in candy apple red, sky blue, moss green or charcoal gray.

Sponsorship Marketing
Why should you sponsor?Because it is a friendly way of “advertising”. If we like what you sponsor then we are more likely to like you and what you sell. And if we like you we are more likely to buy from you.

George Torok

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