Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Who is Your CEO?

Your CEO is more than just the Chief Executive Officer. If you are the CEO, read this carefully. If you are not the CEO but want to help him/her print this for him/her.

The CEO is also:

Chief Sales Person
The CEO is the company’s most important sales person. The CEO must be selling to the customers, marketing place, investors, suppliers and staff. IF the CEO can’t sell the company – get a new CEO.

Chief Marketing Person
The second job of everyone in the company is marketing. Because everything you do is marketing from the front line to the back office. The CEO must be conveying that marketing message to everyone within and without the company.

Chief Trust Builder
If we can’t trust the CEO – who can we trust? Trust is what holds a team together. Trust will move customers to buy more from you. Trust will move your suppliers to deliver more. Trust will convince the media and market to speak well of you.

Chief Culture Setter
The company will reflect the culture of the CEO. Decide how you want your people to work and treat the customers, and then act that way consistently. Because your staff will watch you and mimic you.

Chief Public Speaker
The CEO is the chief spokesperson for the company. The CEO speaks to staff, customers, suppliers, the market, media and investors. Every time you speak you have the responsibility of making an impression. What impression do you want to leave? And what are you doing to leave the right impression?

Chief Map Maker
This is the thinking that you do in the back room. This is the unglamorous stuff that drives everything else. This is the decision-making that will one day be proclaimed as visionary or tomfoolery. This is the stuff that makes or breaks a CEO.

George Torok
Host of Business in Motion

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