Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Take a Break

Balance is a myth. Successful people do not have balance. They tend to have obsession. It is the only way they can achieve what they do.

But they can still take a break from time to time.

The best break is a flush of their mind.

The best break is some activity that totally clears the mind of what is spent 80% of the time thinking about.

What is that activity for you?
It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it clears your mind and gives you temporary respite.

It might be playing a mind game like chess, bridge, poker…

It might be a physical activity like one-on-one basketball, ballroom dancing, cycling…

It might be a social sport like golf, tennis, bowling…

It might be a private activity like photography, crossword puzzles, sudoku…

It might be listening to or playing music.

What do you do that flushes your mind?

I am a regular runner – but that does not flush my mind. I think about business while I run.

For me there are two major activities that flush my mind – downhill skiing and riding my motorcycle.

During both of these activities I am in the moment. And I feel refreshed when done. What do you do that leaves you feeling mentally refreshed? Be sure to schedule this often enough.

George Torok, host
Business In Motion

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