Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Creativity and Creative Problem Solving

Would it help you to be more innovative, more creative and better at solving problems in a creative way?

If those ideas appeal to you then you might enjoy reading these articles about creativity and creative problem solving.

Creative Problem Solving
Got problems? Want to learn to love them? Solving problems can be fun and very rewarding. Creative problem solving is the skill most needed through the next years. Use this skill in your private life, your career, your business and your community. Follow the five steps that point to that direction and encourage the juices of creativity to flow.

Don’t Ignore the Nudges
There are two types of problems, acute and chronic, with two distinct warnings signs and different methods of solving them. You need to be aware of both and how to deal with them. You may already know about the first type. But knowing how to identify and solve the second type will provide greater benefit for you and your organization.

A tool-kit of seven creative inspiring directions that you might follow. These are questions that move you forward in creative idea formulation.

Be more creative. Be more innovative.

George Torok, host
Business In Motion

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