Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Motivation: Our Fear Shapes Our Direction

We are often guided by fear
Sometimes we are trapped by our fears – the fear behind us and the fear ahead of us. If we are not moving it is because both fears have us paralyzed. When we do move, we move in the direction of the lesser fear.

We are plagued by our fears. Most of us don’t want others to know about our fears. Anyone who states, “ Nothing scares me.” is afraid to admit their fears.

You don’t need to admit all your fears to others but you must be honest with yourself.

So what do you fear today? It is failing, succeeding, embarrassment, pain or uncertainty?

Fear wins when you move in the opposite direction.

You win when you move in the direction of the fear.

Did you win or lose today? Did you move toward or away from your fears?

George Torok
Host of Business in Motion

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