Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Creative Facilitation

Creative Facilitation
  • Do you want to generate tons of creative ideas?
  • Do you want to examine and develop your strategic plan?
  • Do you want a creative facilitator to guide your group toward creative solutions

The Process of Creative Facilitation
A creative facilitator should move your team through the creative process. Are you designing a new program, promotion, product, or process? George Torok can work with your group as the impartial process expert to help steer your team over the obstacles and through the process to achieve your new creation. George Torok will lead your team through the creative process with probing questions and occasionally calling time-out when emotions flare. He’ll nudge when you need to be nudged and steer when you get off track. Depending on your situation this facilitation session usually takes at least a full day. It often takes a few days.

Some things you should know about creative facilitation.

  • Nothing is sacred.
  • Assume nothing.
  • Your facilitator will state the rules.
  • The rules might change.
  • Your facilitator will ask you questions – tough questions.
  • Your facilitator will listen to the group.
  • Your facilitator might challenge the perspective of the group.
  • Your facilitator will help cement where you are and where you are going.
  • Your facilitator is there to help move the group in a best direction.
  • Your facilitator might be like good medicine. Sometimes it will be good for you but it will taste awful.
  • When the day is over – your facilitator leaves and you must act on what you agreed.
  • You creative facilitator will point out possibilities, incongruities, lessons from other organizations, and the overlooked obvious.

George Torok

Creative Facilitator

Creative Problem Solving

Graduate of the the Creative Problem Solving Institute

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