Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ed Mirvish A Special Entrepreneuer

Ed Mirvish was a special breed of entrepreneur.

He died last week. He was almost 93. The story of Ed Mirvish is truly inspirational.

Rick Spence pays tribute to Ed Mirvish on his Canadian Entreprenuer Blog. Here's an excerpt:

"Simple, plain-speaking and embarrassingly self-promotional, Ed never got the respect he deserved. The media today have focusing on his "city-building" contributions in saving Toronto's Royal Alexandra Theatre and building the daring Princess of Wales Theatre. Sure, he proved that business can make a valuable contribution to the culture of a nation. But the media seem reluctant to portray him as a hero for running a tawdry, Vegas-looking discount store."

Read the rest fron Rick Spence on the Canadian Entrepreneur Blog.

George Torok
Host of Business in Motion

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