Thursday, August 30, 2007

Success Breeds Success

Success breeds success

When you are on a roll you tend to be more successful.

Why is that?

When you are successful it is likely that you are doing the right things. And when you are rewarded with success you will tend to continue doing the right things. If what you are doing is working you will probably stick with it. Does that make sense?

If you are doing something that results in success you will most likely continue to do that. Its not all that complicated. They teach rats and pigeons to push buttons for food and when they discover the magic button the rats and pigeons keeping pushing the same button.

Success breeds success.

And if you discover the magic button and remember to push it you are at least as smart as a rat or pigeon. If you feel insulted by that comparison just think about the people who are dumber then rats and pigeons. Because they fail to notice the results of pushing the right button.

Smart people are willing to learn from whatever or whoever is teaching the lesson whether it is a rat or a pigeon. Dumb people think, “It is only a rat. What can it teach me?” Smart people always look for the lesson. Dumb people judge the teacher and miss the lesson.

When you are successful you tend to be more optimistic. Success makes you feel more righteous, more confident and more valuable. Therefore you will present yourself with more confidence and confidence sells. Confidence assures your prospects that you believe in what you sell. Desperation is a deal killer.

A little bit of arrogance makes your prospects wonder if they are missing out on a good thing. Repeat – “a little bit”.

Success breeds success.
Successful people associate with successful people.
Successful people learn from successful people.

Success breeds success.

George Torok
Host of Business in Motion
Marketing Specialist
Motivational Speaker

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