Thursday, January 31, 2008

Creative Thinking Expert Interview: Robert Alan Black

Interview with Creative Thinking Expert: Robert Alan Black
Part 2

Why should business be more creative?

To complete, to maintain, to generate and develop new clients companies continuously need to be generating new products and services. The more the global market becomes reality the more this will be true.

Also people are happier and more productive when they can be creative at least part of the time. Most people are typically not allowed to be creative at work yet they spend endless hours on the own time using their creativity in many, many ways.

When do companies tend to be more creative?

Most of the time when their competition becomes a threat. Through my travels through 67 countries I have seen this to be fairly universal. The other time when people in most countries become creative is during times of crisis or chaos or simply catastrophe. In other words, people become or act more creative when "ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE" and it become CREATE OR DIE!

Tell me about one of the creative companies that you admire.

Pixar is one I have come to admire from afar. Externally based on reading books and articles in business publications I have been impressed by their focus on much of what I have learned and totally believe is needed to produce a Cre8ng Community in a workplace. Freedom, fun, fantasy and challenge to be the best.

In my working life I have had 47 different jobs in 46 years ranging for 1/2 to a full day to 22+ years. Among the 9 architectural firms I worked for while I was developing as an architect prior to forming my own firm I worked with two that were very creative firms. What stood out in both was:
1) dedication of the architects,
2) commitment to quality and design,
3) freedom to stop work and just talk about design, literature music, etc.,
4) individual love of the field


This is part two of an interview with Robert Alan Black - creativity and creative problem solving expert.

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