Friday, March 14, 2008

Business in Motion

Business in Motion - weekly radio show on 93.3 cfmu

If you listened to my radio show today (Fridays at 12 noon on 93.3 fm) you would have heard a different kind of program. Normally I interview guests who represent different businesses. Today I was the guest and the host. I guess you could call it a monologue. It wasn't as funny as a Jay Leno monologue. However it was a lot more helpful if you are pursing success in your field.

I summarized lessons, tips and myths about success - as I have learned from the past 12 years of this radio show and the over 400 business guests interviewed. Yes I have been paying attention, analyzing and simplifying.

So today was the first time that I presented some of that wisdom on my radio show without the benefit of guests. Of course, if you are a regular reader of this blog you have seen the insights, comments and questions that arise from my interview experience.

What did I talk about?

The first thing was the most important lesson that I have learned about success.

Write this one down - because it is so simple that it is easy to overlook and forget.

The question that I ask is, "What is the secret of success?"

The answer is, "Success is about doing little things consistently well over time."

Before you dismiss that statement read it again and notice that there are four distinct parts to that secret.

"little things" - It's the little things - not the big things that make a difference.

"consistently" - That is the hard part doing thing consistently - but that is how others see you - by what you do consistently.

"well" - You don't need to be perfect - just reasonably well. Surprisingly well is good enough.

"over time" - It all takes times. Bill Gates took 20 years to become the richest guy in the world.

If you read nothing else - reread that secret and internalize the four parts.

In another post I will tell you about about the three damaging myths about success.

If you heard today's show and have an opinion please comment on this blog. Of course, feel free to comment anytime about what you read on this blog.

George Torok

Host of Business in Motion

Motivational Business Speaker

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