Friday, July 04, 2008

Yahoo Canada

Yahoo Canada - Guest of Business in Motion

My guests on the radio show today, Martin Bryne & Iain Wilson, were from Yahoo Canada. Some intriguing facts and insights came out.

73% of web surfing is done using the search engines (The big three being Google, Yahoo and MSN)

Each day another 10 million web pages are added. Which means that the competition to win in the search engines is getting tougher every day. That also suggests that the search engines will get even more finicky in their value judgements.

Business owners that want their websites to be found by websurfers must apply two strategies to their "visit my website" plan.


The first strategy is the use of pay for click. When it comes to all the forms of advertising that a business might use this is one of the best for two reasons: It is inexpensive to use. You can experiment with it and set a budget as low as $10 a day. In that case a month would cost you $300 and you would only be paying for interested parties to visit your site. Where in the offline world can you buy an ad that cheap? And there is no guarantee of visitors to your shop.

The second reason is that you can measure the results in terms of browsers and sales conversions. Number like that is powerful in the hands of a smart marketer because you can make adjustments and analyse the results. That leads to smarter marketing decisions.

Search Optimization

The second strategy is to optimize your website for the organic search. Among other things, that especially means having relevant text content (people like images, search engines don't), and updating that content often so the website appears "fresh". The search engines are not impressed by old news. You might think your website is brilliant but it does have a "best before date" that the search engines weight in their evaluation of the relevance.

Perhaps the biggest mistake that many business owners make is to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on their website and nothing on website search optimization.

With 10 million new webpages every day can you afford to do that?

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