Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nobody can eat 50 eggs

Nobody can eat 50 eggs - Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke

The movie, Cool Hand Luke is a powerful and entertaining movie even today. It's about life, enterpreneurship and success.

Paul Newman plays the rebel, labeled Cool Hand Luke in this movie by the character played by George Kennedy after Luke (Newman) bluffs his way to win a poker game with nothing.

Not only is Newman a cool character - he is a guy who won't quit. In a boxing match with Kennedy- Luke gets his clock kicked yet won't stop. He just keeps struggling to his feet. Kennedy wants to stop ponding him and beggs Luke to stay down. Cool Hand Luke (Newman) feebily replies, "You're gonna hafta kill me first."

To the suprise of everyone, Kennedy walks away and Luke wins by default. He just won't quit.

One of the most memorable lines and scences from the movie is "I can eat 50 eggs." It's a bold knee jerk statement. When pushed Luke promises to do that within 1 hour."

Here is that scene. It's Paul Newman in of his most memorable scenes. Who else could make a big deal of eating boiled eggs? Notice that his former boxing partner played by George Kennedy converts to Luke's biggest fan.

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