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Handwriting Analysis Expert: Elaine Charal

Handwriting Analysis Expert: Elaine Charal

My guest on my radio show, Business in Motion, on Friday October 10, 2008 was Elaine Charal. She is a handwriting analysis expert.

George Torok volunteered to be examined by her. Below is Elaine Charal's personaliy analysis of George Torok based on his handwriting.


Handwriting analysis of George Torok
By Elaine Charal, Certified handwriting expert

Does handwriting reveal your personality? According to handwriting expert, Elaine Charal it does. And here is what she divined from George Torok’s handwriting. It is surprisingly accurate.

What do you want to know about George Torok, his character, style, strengths and flaws?

This personality analysis is unedited because you might as well know who you are working with.

Hello, George! Your writing is extremely quick, reflecting your equally quick mind and quick actions. There are no lead-in strokes to any of your words, indicating your direct, straightforward manner of communication: you get to the point, and appreciate it when others also get to the point.

Your script is a form of print-writing (half printing and half writing) that is also well integrated (looks like all the letters belong together). This print-writing indicates your above-average intelligence. Your word spacing is quite wide (where you can fit two or more letters between the words), indicating you need ‘elbow room’ and won’t appreciate being restricted or told what to do: you need quality time to do the things you feel are important. This wide word spacing is also a form of protection: similar to the way the spacing is wide, you’ll hold people and situations at arm’s length until you’re ready for them to come close.

The break-away stroke in the mid-portion of your letter h’s and k’s indicate your initiative: you don’t wait for much, but go after whatever needs to be done. Your open-bottomed letter ‘b’ indicates you love doing things your own way, and, when tradition doesn’t seem to work, you don’t hesitate to blaze a new trail.

Your Roman Numeral Personal Pronoun I’s indicate your self-confidence and your independence. The letter m’s and n’s represent how you think: The most efficient thought processes are represented by writings with a variety of m’s and n’s in the script...your writing has two or three different types of m’s and n’s, making you a very efficient thinker. The deep v-wedges in your letter m’s indicate your sharp analytical abilities: You don’t accept existing information, but want to know ‘why’! The corresponding upper v-wedges in some of your m’s indicates ‘investigative’ ability, indicating you broadcast to others “I’ll do it if I want to, not because you’re telling me’. Put these two v-wedges together and you have your wonderful desire/need to be in control of your life, your destiny and your decisions: very few tell you what to do!

Some of your m’s and n’s ‘ break down’ on your page, especially when you’re writing quickly. This breaking down is called a ‘thread’ writing because it looks as if a spool of writing were thrown to the ground. This threading indicates your creativity, your love of doing things your own way, and your ability to quickly adapt (chameleon like) to people and situations without compromising yourself. Therefore, you get further with people and situations than most because you know the right thing to say at the right time. Many of the portions of your m’s descend, with the lower portion being lower than the first. This indicates your ability to gain the cooperation of others and illustrates your talent with dealing with others.

Your joined i-dots to the next letter, together with your beautiful figure-8 g’s indicate your fluidity of mind: this enhances your communication ability and allows you to ‘flow’ verbally around problems and objections, similar to the way water flows around a rock. This fluidity helps you smooth over difficult situations and/or talk your way into or out of most things. It makes you an excellent troubleshooter, for you can easily change the subject and ease it into ‘smooth waters’ without anyone realizing what you’ve done.

Your signature (representing your ‘public self’) is the same as your text (representing your ‘private self), indicating the George you see is the George you get: You are a very genuine person. Your t-bar in your family name flies above the top of your t-stem, indicating your visionary goals and ability to do long-range planning. This trait stroke can act as a healthy ‘escape’ for you because, faced with a difficult problem, you can project your mind into the future and visualize how wonderfully things will turn out and then, turning your mind back to the problem at hand, things won’t seem as difficult to face and you’ll be able to work your way smoothly through whatever situation was troubling only a short while before. Your t-bar and well as all the lines of your writing move up on the page, indicating your positive mental attitude. The final stroke of your signature flies straight upwards, indicating your ambition and desire to do well, no matter what.

Many of your a’s and o’s (communication letters) are open at the top, indicating your love of sharing your ideas and thoughts with others. Your printed s’s in particular indicate your constructive thinking processes.

Notice the breaks between your letters. These represent your intuitive ability and can be viewed as ‘peep holes to the unconscious’. Your intuitive ability indicates you get good ‘gut feelings’ about people and situations, which, if followed, will never steer you incorrectly.

Your stem-first d’s indicate that you’re broadcasting to others on an unconscious level, “My opinions first.” and are a sign of your strong mindedness.

All your downstrokes are quite straight, indicating your strong determination to succeed. All your lower loops return to your baseline of writing, indicating your excellent follow-through ability: you enjoy fulfilling your commitments.


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