Friday, November 21, 2008

New Posts on Marketing Blog

New Posts on George Torok's Marketing Blog

Don't Send Christmas Cards
It's that time of year again. Many business owners are thinking of sending Christmas cards to their clients, prospects and associates. My advice - don't send Christmas cards!

Power Marketing Tips
"Expect Major Delays"Those were the words that jumped out at me from the sign in the middle of the street. This road construction sign demonstrated a few important marketing lessons for all of us.

Be a Name Dropper
What's in a name? Could be millions. If you were a movie producer and you wanted a "name" to help you reap millions - you would pay $10 to $20 million for Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Jim Carrey or Arnold (when he returns to Hollywood…he said he'd be back). You know the money has no relation to their "acting" ability. It is the name that is valuable - the name that sells.

Check your name availability
Would you like to know if your name is still available? Use this free tool to check over 60 web services in seconds for the availability of your name.

George Torok

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