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Zero Million Articles

Zero Million Articles

My articles are published on Zero Million Articles. It is an article site. Enjoy these articles.

Secrets from David Copperfield
David Copperfield - live at the MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas! You might be fascinated to know what I discovered behind the curtain. I was lucky enough to assist him with one segment of his show. Of course I was sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal the magic behind that trick.

Keeping your business alive
As long as you eat and breathe you will stay alive. But is that really living? In a crisis that may be enough. If your business is in crisis - deal with it. But the secret to keeping your business alive is growth. That is the litmus test of keeping your business alive. Look at nature.

Systems for Success
What does it take to succeed? How many times have you asked that question of yourself and others? You may have heard many different answers. I have found one thing that successful people have in common. They use systems.

Marketing is a long term investment
"Dig your well before you're thirsty" is the title of a wonderful book by Harvey Mackay. It is smart advice for investing your money, "Save your money before you need it", or growing your business, "Market today for tomorrow". When times are tough some businesses stop marketing. They reason, 'No one is buying so why should I advertise?' The other time some businesses stop marketing is when they are selling like crazy. Again they figure - 'I can't handle any more business right now so why promote?'

Creating, Recognizing & Measuring Value
Price is what you pay - value is what you get. Warren Buffett, Chairman of Berkshire Securities
Deliver value that your customers recognize, appreciate and reward. If you want your customers to value what you offer - you must demonstrate that you value them. Value implies trust so start by building trust. Always under-promise and over-deliver. Be known for keeping your promise and then some. Be honest. Never promise what you cannot deliver.
Don't confuse value with cost.

How can you build more profitable relationships?
You build relationships over time. They are easier to destroy than to build.
Stay in contact by various means. Do more than merely show up at the regular networking meeting. Meet for coffee or lunch once in awhile. Make a phone call, send an email and mail a postcard. Different means of contact makes the relationship stronger and more memorable.

Networking or Sweatworking
Yes, I believe that networking works. Yes, I can give you examples of how networking helped boost my career and my business. No, networking is not a quick fix. Yes, networking can be frustrating – even when you are doing the right things. It’s more frustrating when you are doing the wrong things, and even more frustrating when you are not sure if you are doing the right things.

Networking: Five myths and realities
Networking has gotten a bad name. Ever visit one of those networking events? You’re told, "Arrive with a pocketful of business cards and don’t leave until they’re all gone."
Do you get so desperate to escape that you stuff the free gift box with a fistful of your cards and take off? Myth #1: You must give your card to everyone in the room.

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Host of Business in Motion
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