Friday, May 08, 2009

Hamilton Chamber Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release
Friday, May 08, 2009


Hamilton – The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce is strongly behind Jim Balsillie’s bid to bring the Coyotes to Hamilton, and is prepared to actively help sell tickets and boxes, and otherwise encourage widespread support amongst its 2,100 members, and throughout the broader region.

“We are more than enthusiastic about the potential for an NHL team in this City; not merely for the transforming effect that it can have to our Community, particularly our downtown;” says Ruth Liebersbach, President of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. “But more importantly because it just makes sound basic business sense to everyone involved, including the NHL, the City, and, more particularly, local entrepreneurs and their employees, indeed, all Hamiltonians. Hamilton is a hockey town and deserves the same level of hockey as enjoyed by their fellow Canadians in other regions; and that simply has not been the case in the past.”

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce had long advocated strongly for an NHL franchise for this Community, for many reasons, not the least of which is the business that it will attract to the City’s downtown core. They are convinced that the “trickle down” financial benefits will be tremendous for all Hamiltonians.

“It will be an economic shot in the arm to Hamilton of incalculable value. As former CFO for the Hamilton Bulldogs, I personally know the financial dynamics, and viability of this more than most!” adds Liebersbach. “This is more than a viable market for this team to operate successfully, and we enthusiastically applaud Jim for his Vision, Faith and Courage in driving this forward. We need entrepreneurs of this calibre; and I encourage all Hamiltonians, particularly our political leadership to get 100% behind him!”

“We need also to remember that an NHL franchise will be a Regional Team,” added Richard Koroscil, Chamber, and President-elect. “They will draw on a regional population of some 6.5 Million people – folks, who otherwise would likely never have a reason to visit our town. The jobs and prosperity opportunities for us are simply huge!”

The Chamber will open talks soon with Balsillie to determine ways that they can actively support his bid, including selling season tickets and boxes to Chamber members.


The HCC It is the oldest, largest and most broadly based business organization extant within the Hamilton economic region. Today, it comprises almost 2,100 individuals who represent about 1,200 companies and other organizations that collectively employ some 75, 000 Hamiltonians full time from all parts of Hamilton and indeed many beyond.
It has been the “ Voice of Hamilton Business” since 1845. Its advocacy and policy initiatives focus on Jobs and Prosperity for Hamilton.

For further information:

Ruth Liebersbach
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
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John Dolbec
Chief Executive Officer
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
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C: (905) 730-4224


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