Saturday, August 29, 2009

Want to lose your job? Buy foreign.

Want to lose your job. Keep buying foreign

That was the bumper sticker on the Chrysler pickup in front of me at the stoplight. I’ve seen that bumper sticker a few times before and was bemused by it each time.

I don’t remember if the other stickers were on Chrysler products. For sure it was one of the former big American three. When I saw the bumper sticker my immediate thought was ‘Red neck idiot”.

That bumper sticker reveals more about the individual then he might care to reveal. I say “he” because each time the driver was a male.

He is afraid of competition. His message screams – don’t buy from the competition because I don’t want to compete. I’m too comfortable with my highly paid job. If the only reason to buy your product is to save your job – how good can the product be?

How does he define foreign? Is it by geography? Does he care about the workers in the next city, county, province or state? Is Canada foreign to USA? Did he buy local produce at the grocery store? Are Florida oranges in his kitchen? Is he eating bananas from South America?

Does he abhor other countries’ products? I hope there are no TV’s in his house – because they are no longer made in North America. How serious is he about not buying foreign?

Better not be any computers in his house or office. Dell is an American based company but if you open any computer you will discover a map of third world countries on the mother board.

I just bought a light bulb at the Home Depot in Burlington, Ontario. It was manufactured in Mexico. Is that bad? Mexicans, Americans and Canadians participated in the delivery of this product. Does he feel threatened by that?

Clothing. What are you wearing? Better not be wearing Nike – because it comes from foreign nations. As a Canadian patriot you have very few choices for clothing.

Did this Canadian patriot ever buy or desire to buy a vacation in the USA, Caribbean or Europe? Did he promise to take his family to Disney World or his wife to Hawaii? Imagine how unpatriotic that would be. Why not vacation in Nova Scotia or the Yukon?

Did he enjoy a pizza, Chinese, Greek or other foreign dish lately? How committed is this red neck to avoiding the purchase of foreign?

Maybe this redneck is only worried about his own neck and just wants to keep his easy job. You can’t blame him. But you don’t need to listen to him or feel sorry for him.

I suggest that you buy the best deal that you get even if that is foreign.

George Torok
Host of Business in Motion
Canadian Business Speaker



Julia Wooster said...

Great article George! We try to buy local when we can and when we have no choice we'll buy the best product at he best price.

Pardeep said...

you miss the point George...the auto industry effects a lot of spin off companies in Canada...that are local...not owned by Japanese or Americans,it has nothing to do about eating pizza or fish and chips.


George Torok said...

I understand your point. Alot of business in tied to our auto industry. I once worked for a supplier to GM. However, the local auto industry still needs to be competitive. They have become too complacent among other business sins. I could see that in GM 20 years ago.

Roscoe30 said...

We get your point, but you dont get his.
This is much broader than just the automotive is everything that we buy.

The fact that you refer to a stranger as a redneck completely negates your opinion and totally kills your credibility.

George Torok said...

Roscoe, thanks for your message. If the word "redneck" offended you then try reading my post again while ignoring the word "redneck'.

I believe that we should be competitive not protective.

Anonymous said...

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