Sunday, June 27, 2010

Frank Ogden, Dr Tomorrow

Quotes from Dr Tomorrow, Frank Ogden

Stay alert, the future is going to be interesting.

In times of chaos, panic or rapid change, the bizarre rapidly becomes acceptable.

If you are not aboard the steamroller of change you stand a good change of becoming part of the road.

A sentence that has shock value carries more information than one that does not.

Only by changing as rapidly as a competitor can anyone survive.

If schools were factories, we would have closed them ten years ago because they're not producing a saleable product.

Jobs are going the way of child labour, slavery and indentured service.

I realized then that most people didn't believe in any concept until they saw, felt and tested the finished product. That is often too late.

The leading skill of the "Information Age" is to successfully sift "information" from "misinformation." Once you can do that you have knowledge.


The above quotes are from the miniature book, "OGDENISMS" - The Frank Ogden Quote Book, compiled by John Robert Colombo and published in 1994.

Frank Ogden is a futurist who was a guest of the radio show, Business in Motion.

George Torok is the host of Business in Motion

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