Friday, June 04, 2010

Is this Man a Thief?

The Internet and social media makes it easy for almost everyone to publish their knowledge or opinions for the world.

It almost makes it easy for thieves to steal, plagiarize or misrepresent their own accomplishments.

Is Michael J. Roman one of those?

According to this blog post by Kelley Robertson, Mr Roman has been copying articles from other sources and posting them on his own blog. And Michael J. Roman is claiming them to be his - even so far as to print his copyright on each article. That suggests that he has some understanding of the importance of copyright.

It also suggests that he might be lacking in integrity.

Read "When Imitation is Not the Best Form of Flattery"

And you decide.

Is Michael J. Roman guilty?

If so how should he be punished?

What next?
Here is what Kelley Robertson suggests:
If you want to help you can:
1. Retweet this post to your followers.
2. Send an email to Michael and express your concern with his unethical behaviour.
3. Contact any author, trainer, speaker, expert in your network and let them know about this plagiarist.
4. Blog about this unethical behaviour.


Here's the email for Michael J. Roman



George Torok said...

Further to the Michael J. Roman affair - I just visited his website.

On this page

His title is
"Michael is currently an active member of the following associations:"

Then he lists some impressive sounding orgnizations. But it looks like these are not associations but only Groups on Linked In

What else is not true?

George Torok said...

An update passed on to me by Kelley Robertson. The offending website was taken down and Michael J Roman apologized for his error.

Truth can win!