Monday, October 04, 2010

It’s your responsibility to vote in a democracy

Re: Right to vote

Do you really believe in democracy?

The results of municipal elections would suggest that most people don’t support a democracy.
In a democracy, the majority rules. Yet only 30 to 38 per cent typically vote in municipal elections. The majority is voting against the election. Maybe they want a dictatorship.
In a democracy, all voters have the right to express their opinion at the ballot box.

In a democracy, you also have the responsibility to participate and contribute.

The right to vote is one of very few rights that we have. We have few rights and voting is one of them. We have more privileges than rights. Some folks seem to misinterpret privileges as rights. You earn your privileges. Someone else granted you your rights.

Both rights and privileges are directly dependant on responsibilities. If you want the right or privilege you must first embrace the responsibility.

The municipal election is coming. It’s no excuse to say that you don’t like the choices because democracy allows you to create new choices.

You are responsible for the government that you elect by your action or inaction. Not voting is a vote.

Do you believe in democracy? Prove it.

George Torok, Burlington

As published in Letters to the Editor in the Hamilton Spectator, Monday October 4, 2010.


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