Sunday, November 07, 2010

Beth Oakes, The Oakes Group - radio interview

Interview with Beth Oakes, Managing Partner of The Oakes Group

The Oakes Group provides career advice to executives and professionals. Beth Oakes has worked most if not all her career in the business of human resources and human capital. She previously held the positions of Managing Partner at Millar Dallas – an outplacement firm and Executive Vice President at DHR - an executive search firm.

Insights from this interview with Beth Oakes

In spite of her corporate experience, Beth has always seen herself as an entreprenuer.

Entrepreneurs can make their own decisions and they can fall by them.

This industry of coaching executives and managers is new within the last 5 to to 10 years and it is growing. Corporate executives and managers have much less time to mentor and guide their staff.

Coaching can be like being a parent…

As an entrepreneur you worry about the cash flow and you can be lonely.

Advice to an entrepreneur: Write a good business plan and create an advisory board.

Steel on the outside – cotton on the inside.

Building a good network is much more than making friends.

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