Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Contrarian or Team Player - Which are You??

Why We Need Contrarians in The Workplace

This article by Barbara Moses published in the Globe and Mail suggests that contrarians are valuable additions to every workplace team - whether they are appreciated or not.

But is a contrarian really appreciated by a group of team players? Are the two labels polar opposites, or is one a different shade of the other?

I agree with the position of the article that the concept of being a team player has been over hyped. I think to the point of blind obedience.

In my experience good team players:

  • Go along with the rest of the group
  • Are unwilling to offend others
  • Do not place a high value on their own time
  • Are willing to sacrifice results for group harmony
  • Avoid embarrassment

In my experience contrarians:

  • See things differently
  • Ask bold and challenging questions
  • Are willing to take a postition
  • Are willing to oppose the group
  • Accept that they will make mistakes

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