Friday, March 08, 2013

Alan McLaren, Infinity Communications, interview

Alan McLaren guest on Business in Motion
Alan McLaren
Interview with Alan McLaren, Co-CEO of Infinity Communications

Who is Infinity Communications?

Infinity is a full service communications agency specializing in public relations, branding and social media strategies.  We help our clients “Get Noticed and Stay Noticed”, through focused communication programs designed to build brand awareness and drive revenue growth.

One of the best ways to reach your target audiences is to use a combination of traditional public relations strategies offline, while leveraging social media and web strategies online.
We are living in a connected world and it is important to bridge the conversation both online and offline.
Insights and excerpts from this interview with Alan McLaren of Infinity Communications

  • Purpose of marketing is building the brand to be top of mind
  • Common mistake on the web is not connecting the dots
  • Key question is, does more traffic mean more business? That is the bottom line
  • Marketing is not scientific. One plus one does not equal two
  • Half the time, we turn prospective clients away because the fit is not right
  • Red Flag Deals was one of our proud success stories
  • I hate doing the numbers – but you need to do that
  • As Co-CEOs we each have our strengths and defined roles

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