Thursday, May 16, 2013

Professional Service Provider: Pump up Your Self-Esteem

Although self esteem is important to all entrepreneurs, it’s more critical to professional service providers because the value you are selling is based on your skills, abilities and flaws

Alan Weiss delivered a full day workshop to a group of professional service providers – consultants, coaches, advisers, trainers and professional speakers. Weiss is a successful independent consultant. He earns a seven figure income from his home with no staff. He is the author of “Million Dollar Consulting” along with at least 40 other books.

He covered a variety of topics in the program. It’s curious how he emphasized the importance of self-esteem to the success of professional service providers. But perhaps he simply recognized the difficulties that many battle with this elusive trait.

To support the need for self-esteem some of the questions from the audience illustrated the doubts of those individuals. While listening to the questions and answers I was reminded of some of my own doubts both past and present.

This article is the result of my notes from that workshop and my own thoughts while connecting the dots.

Alan’s advice was to imagine waking up every morning with the attitude that you have a lot of value and wonder to whom you can provide that to. That’s a better way to start the day, rather than hoping you are going to make a sale today.

Competence alone doesn’t ensure high fees. It needs to be coupled with strong self esteem. Self-esteem rescues you from the “inputs trap” and would instead base your fee on outcomes. Successful people care about the results not the hours you put in.

Strong self-esteem breeds higher confidence levels. Higher confidence enables you to be in the moment. This allows you to listen and think better when talking with clients. Confidence gives you more control of the conversation and hence your success. Confidence enables you to ask better questions to gain more information and negotiating power.

Your self-confidence assures the client of their smart decision to hire you.  It also makes it easier for you to ask clients for testimonials that both boost your self-esteem and attract more clients.

Your high self confidence allows you to reframe a client’s perceived negative into a positive.

Where do you find confidence and self esteem?

First recognize your own worth. Review your achievements – especially the results you achieved for your clients. Perhaps you should review this list every morning.

Recognize and build upon your strengths. Minimize the attention and energy that can be wasted fumbling with weaknesses. Keep your eyes on the road you want to follow not the boulders or soft shoulders.

Develop your skills – your performance skills and your communication skills. You need the first set so you can deliver as promised. You need the second set to sell yourself and your value.

Get better organized. The simplest sign that you are organized is that you know where things are – both physical and intellectually. Knowing where things are will help you feel more in control. Coupled with locating things is the ability to understand, create and follow systems. Knowing what the next steps are boosts confidence.

Associate with people who make you feel better about yourself. Not sycophants but associates who you respect.

Most importantly don’t be afraid to fail. That might be tough because many of us were taught to avoid failure or that it was shameful. Failure is a natural part of the learning and growing process.

Here’s one more thing that Alan Weiss did that seemed to convey his tremendous self confidence. He revealed some past flaws and embarrassing moments. The willingness to openly admit to human frailty seems to exhibit more self confidence and hence competence to your listeners.

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