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Richard Branson: Business Stripped Bare

Richard Branson Business Stripped Bare book review

Book Review

I enjoyed reading this book by Richard Branson and I will read it again. Because Branson is a simple guy, the book was an easy read. Quick and easy to understand. So, I’m not re-reading it because I didn’t understand it - I will re-read it because it is inspiring.

Richard Branson is founder and head of the multi-billion dollar Virgin Group which includes over 300 companies. This book reads like an intimate journal of Richard Branson’s musings and anecdotes. It feels like you are chatting with Richard over a tea or beer. You’ll discover insights into his visions, fears, values, failures, triumphs and advice. It’s a worthwhile read.

These excerpts offer the insights from the book that resonated most with me:

On Entrepreneurship
You have to protect against the downside.

We all need to be aware that small, lean, entrepreneurial businesses are now the future of business.

I had never been interested in business. I’ve been interested in creating things.

Ethics aren’t just important in business. They are the whole point of business. We’re in business to make things. And when you decide what to make, that is an ethical decision.

We carefully research the Achilles heels of different global industries and only when we feel we can potentially turn an industry on its head, and fulfill our key roles as the consumers’ champion do we move in on it.

On Branding

Publicity is absolutely critical. You have to get your brand out and about particularly if you’re a consumer-oriented brand. You have to be willing to use yourself as well as your advertising budget to get your brand on the map. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a full page advert and a damn sight cheaper.

For any business building a consumer brand, speaking to journalists is part of the deal.

There was little purpose in becoming the largest brand in the world. It was much more valuable to become the most respected.

If you don’t define what the brand stands for the competition will.

On Success

What you’re bad at actually doesn’t interest people, and it certainly shouldn’t interest you. However accomplished you become in life, the things you are bad at will always outnumber the things you are good at. So don’t let your limits knock your self-confidence. Push them to one side and push yourself to your strengths.


All of these selected excerpts offer revealing insights into the mind of Richard Branson and powerful advice for business success.

That last piece of advice on success is worth rereading.

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