Thursday, November 02, 2017

Ocean's 11 vs Goliath

Enjoyed watching Oceans 13 again. I also enjoyed Oceans 11. Oceans 12 not so much.

They all had the same main set of stars – George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon along with the rest of the crew.

Ocean's 13 vs the Casinos

Naturally I found myself on the side of the thieves. I wanted them to win and I wanted to be on their team. Why? They exhibited a team comradery that few workplace teams experience. They faced impossible odds as many of us feel we face. More importantly, they challenged the establishment as many would like to. This band of thieves tackled the biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

It’s easy to perceive the Las Vegas casinos as bigger and more powerful thieves. They make the rules and they win most of the money. Guess why the mob embraced and developed Las Vegas?

George Clooney and his gang take on the casinos. It was the David and Goliath battle.  

Many of us would love to beat the big corporations – the banks, phone companies, cable providers, airlines, grocery stores, pharmaceuticals, credit card bandits, insurance firms, oil companies and especially governments.

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