Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Patterns of Success

After 400 interviews what have I noticed about the successful people I have interviewed?

Success is not the goal. It is a byproduct.

Success has many different definitions.

Most had disjointed careers and business paths. No silver spoon.

Most had big disappointments along the way that could easily be seen as failure but they chose to not see it that way.

All are life long learners and still excited by learning.

Some were high school dropouts who left to pursue a goal. Like Bill Gates.

All work or worked at some time, incredible hours.

All have some way of resting and regenerating.

Most give back generously to the community.

All were flawed yet picked something to do extremely well.

Most have identified and accepted their weaknesses.

Many set what others called impossible goals.

All like to be around other successful people.

George Torok

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