Friday, May 12, 2006

Executive Speech Coach Blog

What’s new on my Executive Speech Coach Blog

This is a new blog that might be interesting to executives, managers and sales professionals who deliver business presentations.

If you speak in front of others and your livelihood depends on it – then you need to read the Executive Speech Coach Blog. It will feature presentation insights and tips gained from my speech coaching and presentation skills training.

Plus you will learn about upcoming presentation resources and programs.

Here are some of the recent posts from my Executive Speech Coach Blog:

Presentation Question One
Before you deliver your speech or presentation you must ask yourself one critical question. If you ask yourself this question before every presentation you will create a better presentation and write it faster.

Cliché hell
Please stop using clichés. It is like vomit - Regurgitated bile. Hell is a place where everyone speaks in clichés. Most of us are already suffering from listening to clichés. Some of us are guilty of spreading them.

Do Not Think on your Feet
Stop trying to think on your feetIt is too dangerous. When you try to wing it you leave too much to chance. You might be sharp today. Or, you might be ill or even in a foul mood.

Donald Trump on Boardroom Presentations
Watch Donald Trump on the Apprentice. You might notice these unwritten rules about surviving in the boardroom with Mr. Trump.

Speech Anxiety: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
By John Robert ColomboThis article addresses these questions about speech anxiety and the fear of public speaking.Why do we fear public speaking?Is speech anxiety normal?What can we do to face our public speaking fear and speech anxiety?

George Torok
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