Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Smart leaders read books

“I won’t read.”

I was shocked. And the people around me were too.

This was a meeting of presidents and CEOs who wanted to grow.

They were invited to a special meeting to hear me speak on marketing insights and hear about how they might grow as individuals, and as business leaders.

This person won the draw for a copy of my book. It really doesn’t matter what book it was. What is significant is that he clearly stated, “ I won’t read this book. I don’t read books.”

What is the difference between one who can’t read and one who won’t read?
Nothing. They are both ignorant.

What good is a leader who chooses not to learn?

The next time you are choosing a leader you might ask her, “What books have you read on leadership lately?”

It doesn’t matter what the book was. It matters only that she believes in learning.

If the response is – “Oh, I don’t have time to read books” - watch out. This person believes they already know everything.

One CEO told me, “Everything I need to know is in the bookstore. So I buy and read lots of books to stay ahead of the competition who are too lazy to read.”

George Torok
Business in Motion

PS: When you hire people – ask them about the last book they read on their area of expertise.

PPS: You cannot afford not to read.

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