Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Canadian Quotations

John Robert Colombo, the great Canadian Gatherer released his latest book – The Penguin Dictionary of Popular Canadian Quotations.
It contains over 4,000 quotations by Canadians and about Canada.

In this book you will find these quotations from George Torok:

Anyone can manage when things go right; it takes a leader to take charge when things to wrong.

Markets & Marketing
Selling is immediate. It is short term. Marketing is everything else you do that makes it easier to sell. Marketing is long term.

If I were King of the World, there would be fewer meetings, and every meeting would be shorter. There are three types of meetings – boring, complete waste of time and postponed.

MotivationThere are only two types of motivation: fear and desire. Your greatest fear or desire always wins.

You might be tempted to think that talent rules. The problem with talent is that it runs hot and cold. Talent is inconsistent that way. If you have no talent but you have a system you will always start with poor results. But with a system you will be consistent and improve over time. It may be frustrating and slow at first, but you will grow.

John Robert Colombo is known as the Master Gatherer for his innumerable publications devoted to Canada. He has written, translated or edited over 180 books including anthologies of literature, collections of humour, books of science fiction, studies of the paranormal and biographical sketches. A graduate of the University of Toronto, John Robert Colombo is the recipient of the Harbourfront Festival Prize as well as a D. Litt. (h.c.) from York University. He is an Esteemed Knight of Mark Twain and a member of both the Order of Cyril and Methodious (first class) and the Order of Canada.

George Torok
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