Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Favourite Places in Canada

1. Niagara Falls, Ontario
I was born there. The falls are spectacular in summer and in winter - day and night.

2. Ottawa, Ontario
The nation's capital is lovely to behold in both winter and summer. The canals, tulips, museums, parliament buildings.

3. Kingston, Ontario
Old Fort Henry is pleasing in it's design, symmetry and history. The downtown is engaging and peaceful.

4. Quebec, Quebec
Even better than New York, New York - they named it twice. The Chateau, the boardwalk and the old town are European in their charm and splendor.

5. Elora, Ontario
A picturesque village on the Grand River, alongside the Elora gorge, with limestone buildings, next door to the Scottish enchantment of Fergus, close to the Mennonites of Elmira and the German flavour of Kitchener.

6. Hamilton, Ontario
Steeltown, Canada. Most either hate it or love it. I grew up there - I love it. The 'mountain', the industry, the one way streets and the university.

7. Montreal, Quebec
A cosmopolitan yet 'European' city in it's character. I remember Expo 67, the rubber-tired subway and the French "je ne sais quois" style.

8. Banff, Alberta
A magical town in a beautiful setting, with hot springs, mountains, and wildlife. It reminds me of Nepal.

9. Whitehorse, Yukon
Breathtaking. This must be the Canada that many Europeans envision. A city of only 20,000 people in an extreme climate and geography. Everyone I met wanted to be there.

10. Charlottetown, PEI
What a treat it must be to live in this city, the birthplace of Canada on this postcard perfect island.

11. Toronto, Ontario
Hamilton raised, it is difficult for me to admit that Toronto is an amazing city. There is much I dislike; yet I like - the museums, restaurants, entertainment, diverse cultures, old buildings, landmarks, excitement, ...

George Torok
Business in Motion

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