Thursday, October 05, 2006

Entrepreneur Emotional Rollercoaster

What is the biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur?

I believe that it is riding the emotional rollercoaster.

An entrepreneur is very much like an old time explorer – limited resources, frightened team members, no map, bad weather, unmarked shoals…

While facing all these obstacles and trying to lead a mutinous crew the entrepreneur must project a positive face and message. Meanwhile the entrepreneur might not feel so confident.

I believe the toughest part of being an entrepreneur is riding the emotional ups and downs – because they happen every day. You feel great at 7:35 am, not so sure at 8:02, shaking with fear at 9:15, hopeful at 10:01, jubilant at 10:39 then frustrated at 11:29. Yes, that is the exciting ride of the entrepreneur.

Okay – get ready for the afternoon.

George Torok, host
Business In Motion

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