Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Entrepreneurs are Jerks

Entrepreneurs are jerks.

I worked for other jerks for 20 years. I was an employee. It seems that all of my bosses were jerks at some time and some of them all the time.

I certainly don’t forgive those bosses who were jerks – but I realize that every boss will be a jerk at sometime. It comes with the territory.

And successful entrepreneurs must be jerks by definition. To be successful you must be a jerk about some things some of the time and some things all of the time. Entrepreneurs must see what others don’t see and focus their efforts to the point of being a fanatic.

If you are an entrepreneur – be prepared to be perceived as a jerk by some people.

Perhaps you need to be a jerk with your time. You might need to tell some people “No”. You might not talk or meet with everyone who asks to meet and talk with you. For you that is good time management. For them – you are a jerk.

Folks will approach you with “business opportunities”. You tell them “No”. They think you are a jerk. But why would you waste your time or money?

Maybe you are a jerk about quality, customer service or attention to detail. If you are not a jerk about anything you won’t make it as an entrepreneur.

But also remember just you are jerk doesn’t mean you can be a successful entrepreneur. All successful entrepreneurs are jerks but all jerks are not entrepreneurs.

George Torok
Host of the radio show "Business in Motion"
An entreprenuer and sometimes jerk

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