Friday, February 23, 2007

Motivational Business Insights

Motivational Insights for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Enjoy these motivational insights from motivational business speaker, George Torok. He delivers keynote presentations for associations and corporations. He is hired for his expertise and remembered for his motivational messages. He is a business speaker with expertise in marketing and business growth – yet he is often is often quoted on his motivational insights.

If these quotes help to motivate you and your staff then feel free to repeat them. But be sure to quote George Torok as your source.

“Running your business is a lot like running a marathon. You don’t build your business by sprinting. You build it by being steady over the long run.”

“You don’t need to do every little thing perfectly. You just need to do them.”

“There is a myth that if you do what you love the money will follow. You should do something that you love, but the money will only follow if you also do some things that you hate.”

“An imperfect system is better than no system at all.”

“Success is simple but never easy.”

“Some of the things in your business are frustrating, embarrassing and painful. That builds character. To build your business you need to build your character.”

“Talent runs hot and cold. Don’t rely on talent. Follow systems.”

“Success comes from doing little things consistently well over time. It’s not about the lucky break.”

“Building a business is a race. But it is not about a race to the finish line – it is a race to keep running.”

Motivational insights and quotes from motivational business speaker - George Torok.

George Torok offers practial business insights in a motivational delivery.

George Torok

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