Friday, March 09, 2007

Entrepreneurs' Month: January

Entrepreneurs’ Month: January

I recently learned that January is the month for the most business start-ups. Entrepreneurs seem to wake up in the dead of winter. They rush out to start their new business.

So I am curious. Is it New Year’s resolutions that drive these newly self-discovered entrepreneurs? Do they want to make a big change this year? Are they determined to make a difference?

Or was it the time away from work that allowed them to think? Did they realize how much they hate the boss, the grind and their fellow employees? Are they tired of not being rewarded for their brilliance?

Did the family-time over the holidays encourage or depress them – or both?

Entrepreneurs are motivated by different reasons. All of them are emotional and the Christmas and New Years holidays are rife with emotion. If you are tempted to start your new business in January – maybe you should wait until the New Year urgency wears off.

If you are a newly self-declared entrepreneur – congratulations! Now you have to get past the initial jubilation and sustain your business.

Just remember anyone can start a business. But it takes a determined entrepreneur to sustain and grow the business.

If you started your business in January – are you still serious about it two months later?

George Torok
Host of the radio show "Business in Motion"

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