Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One way trip - corporate life to entrepreneur

Corporate life to Entrepreneurship is a one way trip

Curious that I haven’t written about this topic yet. Read this article in the Financial Post by Deena Waisberg if you are considering taking the step from corporate ranks to entrepreneurship and think that you can always go back to corporate life. Be warned!

When talking about entrepreneurship this aspect is almost never discussed. One of the draws of entrepreneurship is the freedom to make your own choices. But everything gained comes with a price. The price of leaving the corporate crowd to become an entrepreneur is that you can’t go back.


Taste of creative independence sours 9-to-5 job
Point of no return
Deena Waisberg, Financial Post
Published: Monday, April 30, 2007

Everyone has advice about what it takes to become an entrepreneur, but no one talks about the fact entrepreneurs cannot go back to being employees. "Once entrepreneurs get that feeling of freedom, it's in their blood forever," said Dan Sullivan, who has worked with more than 11,000 entrepreneurs in his role as president of The Strategic Coach.

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After serving 20 years in corporate life I became an entrepreneur. I relish the freedom. Occasionally a corporate job ad catches my eye. I amuse myself by thinking, “At one time I would’ve jumped for that job.” Of course I have no desire to go back and I believe that despite my experience I would have difficulty getting a corporate job. The biggest obstacle is that I would not tolerate working for some one else again. The attitude that is necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur would be catastrophic in the corporate office.

Deena Waisberg’s closing line is good advice to wannabe entrepreneurs dreaming of escape from the corporate cubicle.

“So think carefully before embarking on the entrepreneurial journey. More often than not, it's a one way trip.”

George Torok
Willing Entreprenuer
Host of weekly radio show, Business in Motion

PS: I will never go back to corporate life.

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