Friday, June 29, 2007

Canada Day 2007

Happy Canada Day to Canadians everywhere!

July 1 is, Canada Day, the birthday for the country of Canada. On July 1 2007 Canada is 140 years old. Perhaps an adolescent when compared to some countries.

Canada has been shy as a country and Canadians are often shy about celebrating Canada. After all we are doing our best to be neither American nor British. Yet we feel a strong kinship to both. Our economy is certainly tied to the USA. As a new world country Canada was build by immigrants and continues to evolve because of immigration.

Canada wasn't born in war in 1867 and yet apparently it was Canada's performance in WWI that recognized Canada as a world player. Canada had long been seen as a dependable Peace Keeper with the United Nations. And yet I can't think of a name of a Canadian War hero.

Canada Day only comes once a year and I believe that it is worth celebrating.

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Happy Canada Day to Canadians!

George Torok
Proud Canadian

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