Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Atlantic Canada Business

As a Canadian entrepreneur I am delighted to witness the entrepreneurial spirit in Atlantic Canada.

A shining example of that Atlantic entrepreneurial spirit and business catalyst is the publisher of Progress Magazine, Neville Gilfoy.

I interviewed Neville Gilfoy for my radio show, Business in Motion, and found him to be a passionate entrepreneur, a tough business competitor and a warm human being. What an interesting combination.

Magazine publishing is tough anytime and it gets tougher in today's Internet driven world. Publishing a business magazine in Atlantic Canada has got to be one of the toughest markets - yet Progress Magazine soon celebrates lucky 13 years of business. And Neville is sure to tell you that in business you make your luck.

In addition to publishing Progress Magazine 10 times a year, Progress Corp also runs a few special events for business in Atlantic Canada.

One of them is:


A Gathering of Entrepreneurial Minds is a 2-½ day business retreat. For eight years Progress has offered the only conference of this kind in Atlantic Canada. CEOs come for the networking, learning and rejuvenation – they leave with new contacts, new ideas and new inspiration.

The 10th anniversary of the "Face to Face" business retreat is:

June 1 - 3, 2008 Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa, Digby, Nova Scotia

This business retreat mixes one part fine resort, one part small business leaders, one part custom-crafted programming, and one part casual networking. The result is new ideas, new contacts and new inspiration.


I know that it is everything that they claim it to be. I attended the Face to Face event as the keynote speaker. I delivered a speech on the importance of Gutfeeling to the success of an entrepreneur. (lessons from the book Gutfeeling by my friend and mentor, Peter Urs Bender).

The Face to Face business retreat combined an incredible Atlantic Canada setting, insightful presenters and wonderfully successful entrepreneurs. The business owners and entrepreneurs welcomed me with their warmth and authenticity.

Kudos to Neville Gilfoy and hurray for Atlantic Canada entrepreneurs! I hope I get invited back soon.

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I too am delighted to witness the entrepreneurial spirit in Atlantic Canada.