Thursday, May 01, 2008

Iron Man: business man

Iron Man is the entrepreneur's super hero. He was first an entrepreneur who built a very successful business. He is flippant, arrogant and charming. (Donald Trump??)

Iron Man's alter ego - Tony Stark - is a greedy entrepreneur in the dirty business of weapons. A lot of money in bullets and bombs.

After Tony Stark is seriously injured and comes face to face with the dirty business of war he has an epiphany. Yep, Tony Stark, playboy will secretly become Iron Man super hero dedicated to saving the world from terror.

Okay so some parts of that story might be hard to believe but this is the closest that the worlds of DC and Marvel comics come to presenting an entrepreneur as a super hero.

Bruce Wayne (Batman) was a playboy millionaire -but he inherited. He didn't build the business.

If you are an entrepreneur enjoy the Iron Man movie because the next movie from Marvel is a remake of the Hulk - who is no entrepreneur. The Hulk is your teething two-year old on Gama radiation steroids.

enjoy Iron Man the Business Man's super hero

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